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Eat and/or Die – 3 hour game 3

This time I decided to go solo. The theme words where 'delicios' and 'suicide' and I decided to make a game about eating (something a lot of other people did too).

The object of the game is to raise your cholesterol to 100% and explode. Delicious suicide indeed. To do this you have to eat falling cakes, and avoid falling veggies. Sounds easy but you must also make sure you don't draop too many food items on the follr as it will end up in game over. So there is some balancing there that the player has to do. Also, if you eat too many veggies and end up at 0% cholesterol, you die of starvation (bad ending!).

Eat! Eat! Eat!

>>> PLAY HERE <<<

Have fun getting to all the 3 endings!

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  1. Cool concept! :D Got all three endings, love your distinctive graphics. Cya later. :)

  2. Thanks! I changed the difficulty just before I uploaded it and since then I haven’t managed to get the good ending myself so it is reassuring to hear that it is at all possible! :D

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