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Next version of the JP logo…

... looks like this:

I didn't like the how the lines on the side weren't really part of the whole thing so I reworked it some more into what you see above. I'm quite happy with the result. Thanks for the feedback!

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Bathos – second helping

With Giant Bomb having made a nice little write up of Bathos, a lot of new players have found out about the game. I'm very happy about this as it even more shows how divided people are about the game. One half likes it a lot, and enjoys figuring out the solution. They also seem very happy to show it to their friends, putting them up to the test/misery as well. The other half hates it. They feel cheated, and wants their time back. I knew this would happen, the game makes a lot of promises that it doesn't keep. Some people are fine with this, some are not. Here's a tweet that I pretty much sums it up:

"The only thing I regret is not looking up the word "bathos" before playing this."

If you've played the game, what side did you end up on?

Finishing up, here's some more Bathos coverage:


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