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2012 – retrospect

Let's look back on 2012 and see what happened in my game life and in my real life!

Indie Game Development

First 6 months was quite productive in terms of hobbyist game making. I spent a lot of time on Pixelizer which started getting into great shape and it was now the engine I used for pretty much everything I did. I even gathered up the courage to go open source and put it up on GitHub. It gathered some interest and was even used in a few LD entries.

In February I made Circus 200 for Pirate Kart V. Quite happy with the result of 2 hours coding and pixeling, even if the game leaves much to wish for.

A few months later LD 23 was coming up fast and I really wanted to join since it was the 10th anniversary and all. A few weeks before I warmed bu with another micro game and 4 hours later Bee's Knees Bees was made. A pretty lousy game actually. But it still counts.

The theme for LD23 was Tiny Worlds, and I went with a cliff notes version of Super Mario Bros: A Super Mario Summary. The game was received extremely well and got posted all around the internet and on twitter. A great experience as I was quite happy with the end result myself.

Public Speaking

I was invited to talk at two major venues during 2012, also during the first half of the year. I held the keynote at SIDeR'12 (Scandinavian Student Interaction Design Research Conference), talking about gamification and social games. Lots of great discussions after the talk and interesting questions. In april I also talked at the Trans Europa Express conference in Rome, about how we're running Free Lunch Design. Less engaged audience, but Rome was a beautiful city in spring. Who knew?

Real Life

Late in June it finally happened, I became a father! Huge! Since then priorities shifted and the amount of time I spend on DIY game making shrunk. For a good reason! Caring for a small baby has been a lot of fun, but also quite tiring. But fun! Did I say it's fun?


Most of the year was dedicated to creating a sequel to Icy Tower, cleverly named Icy Tower 2. Apart from vacation and the time around my son's birth, it was pretty much what I worked on all year. We released it for iOS in November and for Android in December with great success. The community was quick to pick it up and reception was really nice.


All in all a very good year. I had hoped to make more games, but having a kid was more fun. :) Also, making games at work and continuing at home isn't always the best idea. Sometimes it works, but a lot of times I'm pretty fed up.

That's about it I think (in really broad terms). Next up, plans for 2013!


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