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...made an interview with me some time back. I think it was just before xmas and I had too many thing going on in order to remember to post it here as well. It is about the good old days at Free Lunch Design and might be a good read for the interested.  You can find it here:

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Twitter portrait

I really wanted to get 250 Twitter followers before last year ended so I made a little contest where I promised to make a pixel portrait of my 250th follower. As a lot of people mentioned right away, this was not the best of ideas as it lead to people not following me until I had 249 followers. Oh well, at least I got a few new ones, I'll make a better scheme next time. :)

Anyway! I eventually did get a 250th follower and here's the source photo he sent. Hoping to do one portrait, I was suddenly making four so I lowered the resolution some.

Here's the result:

Maybe if these guys decide to release a record they can use it as cover image. Oh, and luckily their shirt had different colors so I could use that for the background.

And Happy New Year!

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