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Circus 200

Productive weekend! Decided to put the new Pixelizer version to the test and make a quick game for this weekend's pirate kart and mini LD. Nothing beats finding issues with a framework than making games with it. :)

I decided to try for a retro look with wide pixels and everything. If I would have worked more on it I would probably use a more authentic color palette and fixed that ugly music loop. :)

Anyway, please enjoy my two hour effort Circus 200 right here.

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Pixelizer 0.3 out now

The newest version of Pixelizer (0.3) is now released! Main new features are a powerful sound manager, easy switching between scenes, new features for text fields, more streamlined hierarchy, lots of examples, and more!

What is Pixelizer? Check out the Pixelizer page for examples and more info:

And keep sending feedback, I really appreciate it and it does the engine good too. :)

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Pixelizer 0.2 released

Hello there! I'm happy to bring you Pixelizer 0.2! This is the latest version of my AS3 component based game developing frame work.

0.2 is a huge improvement over 0.1 and not at all backwards compatible. While all the changes can be found here, the main ones are:

  • tree hierarchy for entities
  • new flexible collision system
  • object pools
  • less code needed to init classes

A little more info, demo, and download can be found here:

If you try it out, please let me know what you think! I'm happily taking requests and suggestions.