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Pixelizer 0.4.2

I just pushed the latest version of Pixelizer live on github! No game changing things, rather a few tweaks and useful additions and a slew of fixes mostly related to nested entities. Full changelog below.

Next version of Pixelizer (0.5) will focus on letting developers add their own systems that operate on entities, similar to how entities are rendered - but up to the developer to decide what will happen. Should be good stuff!

2012-03-31, 0.4.2, "the fixer"
  • fixed so that scaling propagates to nested entities
  • fixed so that scaling affects render position
  • renamed all global transform properies to xyzOnScene
  • fixed global position propagation through nested entites
  • fixed grid to box collision to take grid position into account
  • fixed bug which caused local position to be scaled
  • added function for easier modification of collision layers
  • added a grid collider to the collider example
  • fixed bug which caused box colliders to collide with other box colliders by default
  • fixed bug which caused entity local position to be scaled by entity local scale
  • fixed bug which caused box collider to get wrong offset when resizing
  • added PxBoxColliderRenderer for easier collision debugging
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GitHub GET!

After quite some frustration and several mishaps I finally managed to get my computer talking with github. Celebrate! :) Not very exciting, but it means that Pixelizer is now on GitHub.  Yay!

I will work in the dev branch and update the master branch when a new version is release. Easy as pie.

On my many googlings to get this right I found this article, which has some nice details on git branching that I hope to follow.

That is all.

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Pixelizer 0.4

is out!

This version more or less completes the functionality list I have in mind for Pixelizer. While there are no big feature additions, a lot has been changed under the hood and it should be more stable, faster and easier to work with. It is time to start making games!

What is Pixelizer? Check out the Pixelizer page for examples and more info:

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