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BATHOS was my entry for the 21st Ludum Dare 48 hour game development challenge. It was quite well received, placed third in the theme category, and was even picked up by non gaming media

The game is very spoiler sensitive so please play it right away! Click to focus and press X to start. There is a solution, I promise!

When done, here's what others thought:

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  1. This was Awesome, but also made me hit my face and think of course…. took me 20 minutes to figure out lol,

    Keep up the good work, now to share it with my friends ans see if they can figure it out

  2. ha! nice wee game :)
    i misdirected myself by trying to find another ‘right’ key, instead of the correct key! but then i caught the clue in his speech after a couple of restarts.

  3. There’s no solution to this game… whats the point ¬¬

  4. Excellent!! After quite an hour (!!) I finally found the solution.
    Thanks for the great game!
    There IS a solution and the funniest, is… well, all the clues we have!!!
    I admit I was helped by the comments…
    (wont tell more..)

    Do you plan to make another game like this ?
    Now that the trick is known, it will be difficult to make a 2nd game like this, won’t it be ?

    • Wow, that’s a long time! :) Glad to hear you pushed through and that you enjoyed it. I’ve had plans to make it bigger or make sequels but it’s hard to come up with anything worthwhile. The core idea in BATHOS is extremely hard tied to tricking the player using the double meaning of the word key. Coming up with more puzzles of the same kind would be hard as the player already knows what’s going on.

      • Yes, I took my time. There was no need to hurry after all. I spent also quite a time on a bug : if you take a key, walk to the right-hand wall till you are stuck, throw the key while still keeping to walk, then sometimes the key will stay stuck in the middle of the wall. I tried to do something with this and with the keys named ‘E’ ‘S’ ‘C’, hehe.
        Anyway, I also forgot to mention I found the ambiance excellent (music, pixel art, hero lost in the world etc..), it stimulated my imagination.

  5. I must of been extremely lucky, only took a minute or 2 to figure out :)

  6. Ended up getting extremely frustrated and started mashing random “keys” on my keyboard; Huzzah!

  7. My friends told me about this game because it had my name in it. i enjoyed it and didnt find it too challenging. these sorts of games are my favorites <3

  8. it took me 43 minutes, sight, i read some of the comments and figured must be a smart combination of “keys”, then I got frustrated and did what I would do on any other window to remove, kablam!!!. I swore at the screen, loudly. Congrats, very sneaky game.

  9. Literally tried every key on the keyboard except the escape key. Dummie.

  10. Ahahah that was clever.

    It didn’t take me long to figure out, honestly. As soon as I saw the first hint I knew I had to rearrange them and… Well, it’s done. :P

  11. I still haven’t figured it out and i’ve been stuck for almost 2 years

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