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LD48 – A Super Mario Summary

This weekend was Ludum Dare weekend! Had great fun making a game in 48 hours. The theme was Tiny World and I eventually ended up with an idea to remake the original Super Mario Brothers as tiny, bite sized puzzle platformer levels. I will write a proper post mortem later, at the moment I'm still a bit dazed by the intense workload. :)

So while you're waiting, why not try out the game HERE?


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Bee’s Knees Bees

In an evil scheme to get more Twitter followers I arranged a small raffle where I would make a game for the winner. The winner was @ZoeQiunnzel (congratulations!) and she asked for a game about bees.

Initially my plan was to spend two hours making the game, but by then the game was only half done so I spent two more getting it more or less to a complete state. No harm done.

two hours in


Anyway the result is a bit weird I think, but quite playable. :) A fun exercise before next weekend's Ludum Dare.

Let's make honey!

Please enjoy the life of a bee swarm now!

My best result is 873. Can you beat that? ;)



Trans Europa Express

Just came back from a short but amazing few days in Rome, were I and my colleague Magnus Alm were invited to speak about our company Free Lunch Design's values at an entrepreneurship conference. A very inspiring trip with very engaged speakers and interesting topics. Youth unemployment in Italy is over 30% so they have a huge challenge in front of them, and inspiring young people to start their own businesses is part of the plan. The whole thing ended with an amazing dinner with the swedish ambassador. Great big thanks to all the people who took such good care of us!

I really like Italy and Rome was truly a sight. So much history crammed into a single city. To bad a lot of cars were also crammed into the city. Very hectic trying not to get killed. :) But all in all, a superb trip.

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Pixelizer 0.4.2

I just pushed the latest version of Pixelizer live on github! No game changing things, rather a few tweaks and useful additions and a slew of fixes mostly related to nested entities. Full changelog below.

Next version of Pixelizer (0.5) will focus on letting developers add their own systems that operate on entities, similar to how entities are rendered - but up to the developer to decide what will happen. Should be good stuff!

2012-03-31, 0.4.2, "the fixer"
  • fixed so that scaling propagates to nested entities
  • fixed so that scaling affects render position
  • renamed all global transform properies to xyzOnScene
  • fixed global position propagation through nested entites
  • fixed grid to box collision to take grid position into account
  • fixed bug which caused local position to be scaled
  • added function for easier modification of collision layers
  • added a grid collider to the collider example
  • fixed bug which caused box colliders to collide with other box colliders by default
  • fixed bug which caused entity local position to be scaled by entity local scale
  • fixed bug which caused box collider to get wrong offset when resizing
  • added PxBoxColliderRenderer for easier collision debugging
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GitHub GET!

After quite some frustration and several mishaps I finally managed to get my computer talking with github. Celebrate! :) Not very exciting, but it means that Pixelizer is now on GitHub.  Yay!

I will work in the dev branch and update the master branch when a new version is release. Easy as pie.

On my many googlings to get this right I found this article, which has some nice details on git branching that I hope to follow.

That is all.

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Pixelizer 0.4

is out!

This version more or less completes the functionality list I have in mind for Pixelizer. While there are no big feature additions, a lot has been changed under the hood and it should be more stable, faster and easier to work with. It is time to start making games!

What is Pixelizer? Check out the Pixelizer page for examples and more info:

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Circus 200

Productive weekend! Decided to put the new Pixelizer version to the test and make a quick game for this weekend's pirate kart and mini LD. Nothing beats finding issues with a framework than making games with it. :)

I decided to try for a retro look with wide pixels and everything. If I would have worked more on it I would probably use a more authentic color palette and fixed that ugly music loop. :)

Anyway, please enjoy my two hour effort Circus 200 right here.

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Pixelizer 0.3 out now

The newest version of Pixelizer (0.3) is now released! Main new features are a powerful sound manager, easy switching between scenes, new features for text fields, more streamlined hierarchy, lots of examples, and more!

What is Pixelizer? Check out the Pixelizer page for examples and more info:

And keep sending feedback, I really appreciate it and it does the engine good too. :)

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