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Chicago IX – a 5 hour game

Yesterday's jam sessions formed around making a game inspired by an album cover. I quickly chose the cover of Chicago IX, an album that have, and still could, listen to again and again. The cover shows a platform that is used to scale high buildings, and I assume it is used for everything from window cleaning to painting. Anyway, I decided to make a game about that.

In the game (which is extra fun if played with a friend) little guys walk around on the platform while it is rising. Since the guys are walking around the platform will tilt and it is up to you to balance it back again by tugging at the ropes. If you get to the top with one or more guys still on the platform, you continue to the next level which sports more guys on the platform but essentially the same gameplay. However, as the weight increases on the platform it eventually becomes harder to control, increasing the difficulty of the game.


Gotta save 'em all!

>>> PLAY HERE <<<

Have fun, and try playing it cooperatively with a friend!

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  1. WOW! You have been on a 3 hour game making frenzy. The end results are pretty good.

  2. It feels refreshing to see you making games once again. Even these minigames show that you still have what it takes to produce interesting ideas. Is there any chance to expect a FLD release from this vein?

    • Heh, it is reassuring to me too. :) Don’t really know what to do with them yet, I’ll probably make a last round of polish and then just upload them somewhere. I’m actuallyore interested in having them as ‘Johan Peitz’ games than FLD games.

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