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Coverage of A Super Mario Summary

Almost three weeks has passed since A Super Mario Summary was released and the Ludum Dare judging end in less than two days. Before that happens, I thought I'd take the opportunity to look at how the game was received by the internet.

Once it was picked up by Kotaku, it seemed to spread like wild fire and there was a constant stream of recommendations pouring on twitter. This led to that a lot of non gaming sites (The VergeBar Stool SportsBrain MagazineChurch Mag, etc) picked up the game as well, something which always warms my heart a little extra. When site like Destructoid and Boing Boing it also seemed to reach other parts of the world (only only US) and a lot of sites from Europe (even Swedish sites! FZFeber ) and South America also wrote about it. Finally it was also great fun to see it picked up by Japanese sites, even if I couldn't even remotely understand the google translation. :)

All in all it was a crazy dopamine rush seeing my game all over the internet! :D

Here's all the sites I've found that wrote about the game (in more or less chronological order). Thank you for spreading the word!

Indie Game MagLinfocitoFree Indie GamesPress the ButtonsAlternariaBuzz FeedGeneral LordisimoKraftfutter MischwerkDIY GamerIndie GamesPlay PeepKotakuGo NintendoRvervuurtLimbo TechTragbaresPizza Xtreme TeamBoulot Retro DodoFeberOne Video Game AdayBoing BoingReino Do CogumeloScoopleBrain Dead RadioGames.comGaming CentrumZabij 10 PrasatBaby Soft Murder HandsBlog PeopleKottkeLFO TechNintendo GamerLa Fortaleza De LechuckVida ExtraEuro GamerComplex.comBest Week EverDestructoidQ103 AlbanyFZBar Stool SportsHow To GeekBaixakiThe VergeByte ManiacosWii ClubeGame Zoneapt get updateConsolas.esGame ZeboPaper blogCubed 3Chip.deArturo GogaEuro Gamer (IT)Dooms DayLo Nuevo De HoyPop.comGlitchMeetinxNerd ApprovedPC RoomPoint FinalTherrorChoco GamesChurch MagTechquilaZelda InformerJay Is GamesPC WorldCompulsive SquireBrain MagazineGamasutraScott SevenerMighty GeekSuper LevelGram Za DarmoStromstock

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