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One Man Army Mindset Model

Allow me to present the OMAMM  - the One Man Army Mindset Model!

With the engine for The Game getting more and more done, time has come to focus more on the not so technical parts of the game. Characters, story, art, etc. The switch has been quite hard for me and I'm constantly struggling to stay focused. I thought a bit about the different qualities needed for each task and after some thinking came up with the OMAMM. The OMAMM is far from complete, but here is a draft that I intend to build on.

As I see it, the programming part of making a game requires a fair amount of structure, failure in this area leads to sloppy and buggy technology that will be extremely hard to handle as a project grows in size and complexity. With The Game, I have invested quite a lot of time into making the engine as structured as possible, something that really has payed off. A fair amount of creativity is needed when programming in order to successfully solve the problems that one is faced with. With no creativity, the only option is to reside with old or other people's code and no innovation will be made.

However, in order to successfully handle the content parts, like art for instance, I need to let go of the structure. Otherwise I find myself  reusing old ideas or more or less ripping other people's mockups. Inspiration is of course a good thing but the mind must be in a more chaotic state for original content to be created.

Personally, I have been lingering in the blue area for so long that it seems almost impossible to move towards the green spot. It takes a lot more hard work than I anticipated. Could it be that moving between the different areas in the model always come with a cost? Something that with training and experience can be learned? Or am I forever stuck as creative/structured?

An example for a creative/chaotic mindset would be an artist that keeps creating truly original works. Examples for the other side of the space are harder to think of and it is currently unexplored. Structured/destructive could be a very analytical mindset, being able to pick things apart in a very formal fashion. The last quadrant, destructive/chaotic, well I don't know.

This is how I feel that I function. If you have had similar tasks to switch between how have you handled it? Does the OMAMM make sense? What type are you?

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  1. I’m on the creative side but not as structured as I’d like. As much as I’d love to write planned out code from the get go, I usually find myself winging it. I do think structure can be forced though, I made myself sit down and plan out my current AI system and that has payed off a lot. To do the reverse, and bring a bit more chaos into the mix I find drawing from scribbles helps. divide an A4 page roughly into squares (5×4 works well) and to the right of each square draw a squiggle. Don’t control what’s happening, just let the pen or pencil make the mark. Get some variation through all the boxes, unique squiggles all around! From there, in the remainder of each box try to design a character or item from the shape presented by the squiggle. There’s an example by someone far more talented than me here:

    Good luck!

  2. Good comment. Gotta try out the blob thing next time I go for graphics. However, I’m still stuck in structural creative mode, but I’m working on a plan on how to make the most of it. :)

  3. Makes complete sense.
    I normally don’t get any creative ideas when I code, or have to code. They just come to me when I’m doing something else, usually when I’m not using a computer. And not doing maths.

    An example of the Destructive zones could be people who are able to create amazingly creepy works, like suteF or This Is Infinity. This is probably also the state you’re in when making very violent content. Or just anything dark and smelly at all :P

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