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Pixelizer 0.4.3

A lot of fixes later I can finally push Pixelizer 0.4.3! :D Mostly bug fixes but a new feature is the ability to record and replay input. This can be seen in A Super Mario Summary and is a really neat way to make replays and other fun stuff. Another feature is a central repository for storing global things.

2012-05-13, 0.4.3, "the squasher of bugs"

  • fixed underflow bug in collision detection code
  • fixed broken visibility control on tilemaps
  • fixed gotoAndStop in animation component to work before render component is detected
  • minor changes to the collision example
  • removed default values on grid collider construction
  • added NO_FLIP to Pixelizer constants
  • added possibility to horizontally flip movieclip pre rendering
  • fixed bug that caused non animated animations not to flip when needed
  • fixed box collider not to collide with grids and other boxes by default
  • fixed to that animation component doesn't crash if animation not found
  • remove store and fetch functions from PxSpriteSheet and PxBitmapFont
  • added PxRepository for centralized storage
  • renamed functions for handling collision layers in in PxColliderComponent
  • added shadow offset to PxTextComponent
  • added "POWERED BY" text to logo
  • fixed bug that caused jump through floors to sometimes pop entities up to their level
  • added basic input recording and playback
  • fixed bug that caused global sounds to be unmutable
  • added version number to PxLogoEntity
  • added simple record/replay example
  • removed AssetFactory in order to make examples easier to understand

More info on Pixelizer:
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