Johan Peitz - Let's make SOMETHING



It's a me!

I'm Johan Peitz and I like to make games. I've been fortunate enough to make a living out of it and have spent my entire professional life (20+ years) working with everything form electric board games to massive mainstream games.

Having meddled with games while I was studying I started the indie game dev studio Free Lunch Design, which came to be responsible for evergreens like Happyland Adventures, Alex the Allegator, and eventually the internet smash hit Icy Tower.

That was a  long time ago and since then I've been involved with games in various ways, including game design research, teaching simulation engines, and building physical prototypes of innovative game ideas.

After some time Free Lunch Design was acquired by advertising games studio Muskedunder Interactive, where I acted as CTO and later Creative Director. It was a good time and we made a ton of games for all kinds of platforms, but focused on Facebook, web and iOS/Android. Eventually we rebranded the company to Free Lunch Design (again!).

In our new (old) suit we kept making games and a few years later we were acquired by a British chat company, Palringo. Here I took on a broader role as Head of Product Management and later Head of Games.

These days I am part of the production team at Ghost Games as a Producer for the Need for Speed game. Exciting times!

If you want to contact me, try twitter, linked in, or use my gmail address johan.peitz.