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A Super Mario Summary


A Super Mario Summary was my entry for the 23rd Ludum Dare 48 hour game development challenge. The theme was Tiny World and I decided to recreate every single world from the original Super Mario Brothers as a single screen puzzle level. The result is a tricky mix of platforming, reflexes, and timing.

To complete a level you only need to reach the flagpole, but try to reach the top and get all the coins for maximum rating! Once you get all coins and a three star flag on each level, a whole new challenge awaits...

Click the game to focus and then hit space to play. Good luck and have fun!

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  1. Not sure if you actually care, but there’s a bug in the second level. On the elevating platfrom, if you press space repeatedly, you fly.

    • I do care! :D It’s a known bug and there are some other issues as well that I hope to fix during the next few days. Thanks for letting me know.

    • Additionally, you should be able to fall from the platform when it scrolls off the top of the screen, and land on the platform as it emerges from the bottom. Unfortunately, the avatar passes through the platform and dies.

  2. Inspired. Fantastic. Incredible. The *only* tweak I’d make (because it’s otherwise perfect) is to make the turn around time when failing faster. Perhaps reseting the level almost instantly, instead of re-running the level intro screen? Otherwise, perfection. Really, really nice.

  3. First of all – FANTASTIC game!
    Seriously, I am nostalg’ing like a madman at it and you did a fantastic job at compressing each of the levels into one screen while making sure they were easy to recognize. (also, it’s very pretty)

    That said, I’ve notice a bug on underwater areas where, occasionally, after I reach the flag, my guy sort of drops to the block at the bottom and proceeds to run at it constantly, unable to reach the pipe, until I restart.

    • Thanks! Glad you like it! I know there are a few issues in the game but I only had 48 hours! :) Thanks for telling me, gonna put it on my todo list for the post-compo version.

  4. Good stuff.

    However, I encountered similar issue as “box boy” with a freeze after hitting the bottom of the flagpole. It was not on an underwater level, just a very failed jump.

    • Yeah, there seems to be an issue there if you hit the flag pole at it’s very base. Will look into it. Happy to hear you enjoyed it.

  5. Outside of Ludum Dare, the game stands on its own. Brilliantly done. And the fact you did it in 48 hours? Mind-blowing. (P.S. Do yourself a favor and don’t read the Kotaku comments… I could feel myself growing stupider as I read each one.)

    • Many thank yous for your kind words. I feel very fortunate that so many people like the game.

      Regarding Kotaku comments… I never do. :)

  6. This has literally made my day 1000 times over. You sir are a gentlemen of note and my new hero, hats off to you ^_^

    I don’t think there are words to describe just how amazing this is and what an incredible job you did.

    Keep it up, keen to check out your other work :>

  7. I don’t see any game when I click on the link. Only text.

    • Make sure you can play flash content! You might also have to remove any adblockers or other plugins you might have running.

  8. Your game was a blast! I just 100%’d it, and had all kinds of fun getting there. What a great game for only 48 hours of work! Color me impressed.


  10. I can’t move… i’m playing with a laptop, can that be the problem? you move with the arrow keys i’m guessing…

    the game look really good, shame i can play it in my laptop :(

    • Ouch, too bad! But I’m going to release a new version of the game today with some much needed/wanted updates. I’ll include WASD-control in it.

  11. this was awesome! it’s amazing how much of an individual identity this little game has despite it being summarized levels from a Super Mario game. i’ll make sure i’ll sare it with others

    • Happy to hear you like it! If you think someone you know can get some entertainment out of it as well, be my guest. :)

  12. Can you add a save option? I’m trying to work on my time trials but it sucks I have to start over every time FF crashes (not because of you)

    • The game saves your progress every time Mario does his little victory dance. Make your your browser allows flash to save local data and you should be set!

  13. Any lists for records? My total time (superstar on all levels) is down to 328.83s.

    Great game man. Please make more!!

  14. Enjoyed the levels created, grasp of the game of simplicity one screen ending of mario games. Will be coming back to play to finish all the levels.

  15. Incredible Game!

  16. Awesome game, i just got 336.86 and i still have 6 levels to get max rank :-)

    • Wow, goob job. Best I know so far is below 290. :)

      • And i’ve done it, I just got 288.43, beat the record shown but not for too much (just 0.06 secs), but it’s something :) I guess there is people who got even less time. It would be nice if there were rankings for users or something.

        And again, really really nice and awesome game.

  17. no me gusto mucho porque los niveles son muy cortos y se termina muy rapido el juego

  18. Could you add a mute button? It can’t be that hard, and the sound can get a little annoying.

  19. Amazing game !

    But I wonder, how do you choose the medals time ? And how do you know that these times are possible ? Have you scored all the awesome times ?

    • I played the best I possibly could to set those times! :D But there are already people doing it almost a minute faster…

  20. Such a hard Mario game I’ve ever layed

  21. i love this game but a bit odd

  22. I love this game i am now a big fan

  23. משחק מדהים וסיימתי את הכל!!!!!!! אין עלי וכולכם לוזרים!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Great game, although I hate the timing required for bullet bills, goombas and the ‘bungee’ high jumps. Could never get it right. Ended up ‘beating’ the game though. Well made for the most part.

  25. having a hard time getting thru 3-4 lol. that fireball upo at the top keeps killing me, and im sure ill have a hard time getting past bowser’s debonair blond haired brother

  26. I really enjoyed the game! I’m also having a hard time getting through 3-4, I must just not be clever enough!

    Thanks for sharing!

  27. This so called game sucks big time

  28. Was this game made with Flixel? Very clever concept, by the way.

  29. Whoops, I missed the intro the first time. Sorry :P Pixelizer, got it haha.

  30. This is a pretty interesting take on the whole super mario experience. I think it is kinda like taking supermario through a distillery and ending up with the sheer core of the whole thing.

    I say well done.

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