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Bee’s Knees Bees

In an evil scheme to get more Twitter followers I arranged a small raffle where I would make a game for the winner. The winner was @ZoeQiunnzel (congratulations!) and she asked for a game about bees.

Initially my plan was to spend two hours making the game, but by then the game was only half done so I spent two more getting it more or less to a complete state. No harm done.

two hours in


Anyway the result is a bit weird I think, but quite playable. :) A fun exercise before next weekend's Ludum Dare.

Let's make honey!

Please enjoy the life of a bee swarm now!

My best result is 873. Can you beat that? ;)


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  1. Highest I was able to get was 468. God that bear is annoying!

    This is simple, but nice. Well done for a four hour job.

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