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2012 – retrospect

Let's look back on 2012 and see what happened in my game life and in my real life!

Indie Game Development

First 6 months was quite productive in terms of hobbyist game making. I spent a lot of time on Pixelizer which started getting into great shape and it was now the engine I used for pretty much everything I did. I even gathered up the courage to go open source and put it up on GitHub. It gathered some interest and was even used in a few LD entries.

In February I made Circus 200 for Pirate Kart V. Quite happy with the result of 2 hours coding and pixeling, even if the game leaves much to wish for.

A few months later LD 23 was coming up fast and I really wanted to join since it was the 10th anniversary and all. A few weeks before I warmed bu with another micro game and 4 hours later Bee's Knees Bees was made. A pretty lousy game actually. But it still counts.

The theme for LD23 was Tiny Worlds, and I went with a cliff notes version of Super Mario Bros: A Super Mario Summary. The game was received extremely well and got posted all around the internet and on twitter. A great experience as I was quite happy with the end result myself.

Public Speaking

I was invited to talk at two major venues during 2012, also during the first half of the year. I held the keynote at SIDeR'12 (Scandinavian Student Interaction Design Research Conference), talking about gamification and social games. Lots of great discussions after the talk and interesting questions. In april I also talked at the Trans Europa Express conference in Rome, about how we're running Free Lunch Design. Less engaged audience, but Rome was a beautiful city in spring. Who knew?

Real Life

Late in June it finally happened, I became a father! Huge! Since then priorities shifted and the amount of time I spend on DIY game making shrunk. For a good reason! Caring for a small baby has been a lot of fun, but also quite tiring. But fun! Did I say it's fun?


Most of the year was dedicated to creating a sequel to Icy Tower, cleverly named Icy Tower 2. Apart from vacation and the time around my son's birth, it was pretty much what I worked on all year. We released it for iOS in November and for Android in December with great success. The community was quick to pick it up and reception was really nice.


All in all a very good year. I had hoped to make more games, but having a kid was more fun. :) Also, making games at work and continuing at home isn't always the best idea. Sometimes it works, but a lot of times I'm pretty fed up.

That's about it I think (in really broad terms). Next up, plans for 2013!


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Old news

Hey there, what's actually going on these days? Ok, I know there hasn't been much blogging lately but I have a really good excuse - a little more than 5 months ago I became a father! So obviously the little fellow takes priority over a lot of stuff, in a good way. :) But I thought I should add some stuff here about what's been happening lately outside real life.



Is it still being developed? Absolutely! Just a lot slower than before. Currently I'm rewriting the collision system to be more flexible and powerful. In the dev version I've also streamlined all the systems that work inside Pixelizer so that they work in the same way, and making it possible to add custom systems that operate on whatever entities you want. Check out the github page for the latest details!


Icy Tower

I rarely write about what I do at work here, but now I just have to. We've spent the last 6 months working on the sequel to Icy Tower and a few weeks ago, Icy Tower 2 was released for iOS! The game has been going really good since and managed to reach a million downloads in only ten days. I'm really proud of the game and I think it is a very worthy sequel.


New stuff

There's a few ideas bouncing around in my head, but nothing that has really stuck so far. Hoping to get some time after new years to at least make a prototype. That's it for now, hopefully next post will have a little more substance. With the current rate, I might as well wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

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Pixelizer 0.4.3

A lot of fixes later I can finally push Pixelizer 0.4.3! :D Mostly bug fixes but a new feature is the ability to record and replay input. This can be seen in A Super Mario Summary and is a really neat way to make replays and other fun stuff. Another feature is a central repository for storing global things.

2012-05-13, 0.4.3, "the squasher of bugs"

  • fixed underflow bug in collision detection code
  • fixed broken visibility control on tilemaps
  • fixed gotoAndStop in animation component to work before render component is detected
  • minor changes to the collision example
  • removed default values on grid collider construction
  • added NO_FLIP to Pixelizer constants
  • added possibility to horizontally flip movieclip pre rendering
  • fixed bug that caused non animated animations not to flip when needed
  • fixed box collider not to collide with grids and other boxes by default
  • fixed to that animation component doesn't crash if animation not found
  • remove store and fetch functions from PxSpriteSheet and PxBitmapFont
  • added PxRepository for centralized storage
  • renamed functions for handling collision layers in in PxColliderComponent
  • added shadow offset to PxTextComponent
  • added "POWERED BY" text to logo
  • fixed bug that caused jump through floors to sometimes pop entities up to their level
  • added basic input recording and playback
  • fixed bug that caused global sounds to be unmutable
  • added version number to PxLogoEntity
  • added simple record/replay example
  • removed AssetFactory in order to make examples easier to understand

More info on Pixelizer:
Straight to GitHub:

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Coverage of A Super Mario Summary

Almost three weeks has passed since A Super Mario Summary was released and the Ludum Dare judging end in less than two days. Before that happens, I thought I'd take the opportunity to look at how the game was received by the internet.

Once it was picked up by Kotaku, it seemed to spread like wild fire and there was a constant stream of recommendations pouring on twitter. This led to that a lot of non gaming sites (The VergeBar Stool SportsBrain MagazineChurch Mag, etc) picked up the game as well, something which always warms my heart a little extra. When site like Destructoid and Boing Boing it also seemed to reach other parts of the world (only only US) and a lot of sites from Europe (even Swedish sites! FZFeber ) and South America also wrote about it. Finally it was also great fun to see it picked up by Japanese sites, even if I couldn't even remotely understand the google translation. :)

All in all it was a crazy dopamine rush seeing my game all over the internet! :D

Here's all the sites I've found that wrote about the game (in more or less chronological order). Thank you for spreading the word!

Indie Game MagLinfocitoFree Indie GamesPress the ButtonsAlternariaBuzz FeedGeneral LordisimoKraftfutter MischwerkDIY GamerIndie GamesPlay PeepKotakuGo NintendoRvervuurtLimbo TechTragbaresPizza Xtreme TeamBoulot Retro DodoFeberOne Video Game AdayBoing BoingReino Do CogumeloScoopleBrain Dead RadioGames.comGaming CentrumZabij 10 PrasatBaby Soft Murder HandsBlog PeopleKottkeLFO TechNintendo GamerLa Fortaleza De LechuckVida ExtraEuro GamerComplex.comBest Week EverDestructoidQ103 AlbanyFZBar Stool SportsHow To GeekBaixakiThe VergeByte ManiacosWii ClubeGame Zoneapt get updateConsolas.esGame ZeboPaper blogCubed 3Chip.deArturo GogaEuro Gamer (IT)Dooms DayLo Nuevo De HoyPop.comGlitchMeetinxNerd ApprovedPC RoomPoint FinalTherrorChoco GamesChurch MagTechquilaZelda InformerJay Is GamesPC WorldCompulsive SquireBrain MagazineGamasutraScott SevenerMighty GeekSuper LevelGram Za DarmoStromstock

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How to restore your Super Mario Summary progress

I had to move some files around this weekend and for some of you that might have led to that you lost your progress in A Super Mario Summary. Sorry about that, but there is hope! Follow these simple steps to get it back:

  1. Save a level or two in the new version of the game. (The one where you lost your progress.)
  2. Locate where stores it's flash save files. This is SHOULD be in:
    %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player\#SharedObjects\[SOME RANDOM LETTERS]\\
  3. In there you should have two folders, asms and flash
  4. Navigate to asms/asms.swf/ and you will find a file progress.sol -> COPY IT
  5. Go back and open flash/asms/asms.swf/ instead and drop the copied file there
  6. Done - go play! :D

Sorry for the hassle, see you on 8.4!

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A Super Mario Summary – v1.1

Based on all the great feedback and comments I have received regarding A Super Mario Summary I have released an update!

Changes include (but are not limited to):

  • Time trials - get the best time!
  • Replays of your best times!
  • New level selector with goals!
  • Tighter controls!
  • Lots of usability improvements!
  • A ton of tweaks!
  • Bug fixes!

I really hope you enjoy the new version. As always, play it here!

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A Summary of A Super Mario Summary

I posted a post mortem of A Super Mario Summary over at the Ludum Dare site. Since I don't like to copy/paste jobs, go here to read it. Enjoy! :)


<3 THANK YOU! <3

A bit overwhelmed at the moment by the response to "A Super Mario Summary". Since it appeared on Kotaku and some other sites the comments have been streaming in.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I am very glad you liked it and found it entertaining! From all my heart, thank you!

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