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Icy Tower


I'm going to make a really great page about Icy Tower here, but in the meantime please visit the main site instead.

Icy Tower

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  1. Hello! I’m a fan I’ve been trying to access icy but the page is not loading, I wanted to download characters for icy tower v1.3 I also admire the games retro pixel art the and characters gestures, please help me to download the characters and modes or at least email them to me for they may give me inspiration for sum pixel art I’m working on..

  2. How about now? The main site is no more.

  3. Where is FLD website. We want Icy Tower Happyland Adventures Alex The Allegator
    Please make new website of FLD

  4. Had a nice time playing icy tower when i was around 8-12. What a sick time! Thanks for this johann!!!
    best regards from germany

    • Oh thanks! Always heartwarming to hear from old fans!
      Take care,

      • Hi johan,
        Thanks for your awsome game Icy Tower
        I have played it many times when I was young
        I’m now learning programming.Hope if you put the code of the game in github so I can be inspired and try to develop it

  5. You can give me donwloads links of Icy Tower please

  6. Is there any way to play this game in 2019

  7. Loved playing your games back in the day! My brother and I sunk hours into them. Still enjoy jamming Happyland Adventures from time to time.

    Thanks from New Zealand, all the best mate.

  8. Can you release icy tower again? I still have files of the all version so you can ask me for them ir you want. And please make somethign about your old games on discord server :)

  9. I googled FLD and was hoping to find Zombiepox for Android. Man, I loved playing Icy Tower and Happy Land Adventures, ir even became kind of a Christmas tradition (at least for a short period) and was giving me such a nice mood.
    Even my dad played Icy Tower.
    By altering the sprite sheets I stole characters from others games and played as Naruto characters or self drawn comic characters such as Spawn. My brother and I spent a lotta time with your stuff and it was always fun :)
    I’m glad you’re doing well!
    Kind regards from Germany again :P

  10. I know this might be off topic but i just have to thank you for all the games. I grew up with Happy Land Adventures and i absolutely loved it.

  11. Randomly I remind icy tower while i m chatting with my friend an i said wow what a wonderful game which make me really happy when i was a kid then i realize this Jump King (which is very popular paid game) actually steal or we can say inspire by icy tower u guys do nothing about it and people dont know its icy alike game which is sad

  12. Hello Johan. I am a moderator in icy tower group on facebook and there are still new members joining and surprised that they can’t play icy tower on facebook nor on iphone. It’s a pitty that FLD ended their acitivity, because it seems icy tower could be still alive and the community wouldn’t die if FLD were developing the game. I wish someone could create another game simmilar to icy tower and make it great again :D

  13. Hi Johan, i was searching for icy tower on the web but i couldn’t find any malware-free version of it. Does icy tower still exists on your hard-drive or anywhere else ? I want to have a nostalgia, please help me to find one. Thanks.

  14. Played this on the school’s PCs when the teacher wasn’t looking. Haven’t played the game since and yet 10+ years later the memory was stuck somewhere in my brain. Funny how it works.
    Thanks Johan!

  15. I think it’s a nostalgia for everyone.. I was running away from primary school for this :D and I was playing this game at the internet cafe.. we need a icy tower 2020 version.

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