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Old news

Hey there, what's actually going on these days? Ok, I know there hasn't been much blogging lately but I have a really good excuse - a little more than 5 months ago I became a father! So obviously the little fellow takes priority over a lot of stuff, in a good way. :) But I thought I should add some stuff here about what's been happening lately outside real life.



Is it still being developed? Absolutely! Just a lot slower than before. Currently I'm rewriting the collision system to be more flexible and powerful. In the dev version I've also streamlined all the systems that work inside Pixelizer so that they work in the same way, and making it possible to add custom systems that operate on whatever entities you want. Check out the github page for the latest details!


Icy Tower

I rarely write about what I do at work here, but now I just have to. We've spent the last 6 months working on the sequel to Icy Tower and a few weeks ago, Icy Tower 2 was released for iOS! The game has been going really good since and managed to reach a million downloads in only ten days. I'm really proud of the game and I think it is a very worthy sequel.


New stuff

There's a few ideas bouncing around in my head, but nothing that has really stuck so far. Hoping to get some time after new years to at least make a prototype. That's it for now, hopefully next post will have a little more substance. With the current rate, I might as well wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

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  1. Hi. What tools or engine are you used for develop on iOS ?

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