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Pixelizer 0.4.3

A lot of fixes later I can finally push Pixelizer 0.4.3! :D Mostly bug fixes but a new feature is the ability to record and replay input. This can be seen in A Super Mario Summary and is a really neat way to make replays and other fun stuff. Another feature is a central repository for storing global things.

2012-05-13, 0.4.3, "the squasher of bugs"

  • fixed underflow bug in collision detection code
  • fixed broken visibility control on tilemaps
  • fixed gotoAndStop in animation component to work before render component is detected
  • minor changes to the collision example
  • removed default values on grid collider construction
  • added NO_FLIP to Pixelizer constants
  • added possibility to horizontally flip movieclip pre rendering
  • fixed bug that caused non animated animations not to flip when needed
  • fixed box collider not to collide with grids and other boxes by default
  • fixed to that animation component doesn't crash if animation not found
  • remove store and fetch functions from PxSpriteSheet and PxBitmapFont
  • added PxRepository for centralized storage
  • renamed functions for handling collision layers in in PxColliderComponent
  • added shadow offset to PxTextComponent
  • added "POWERED BY" text to logo
  • fixed bug that caused jump through floors to sometimes pop entities up to their level
  • added basic input recording and playback
  • fixed bug that caused global sounds to be unmutable
  • added version number to PxLogoEntity
  • added simple record/replay example
  • removed AssetFactory in order to make examples easier to understand

More info on Pixelizer:
Straight to GitHub:

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Bee’s Knees Bees

In an evil scheme to get more Twitter followers I arranged a small raffle where I would make a game for the winner. The winner was @ZoeQiunnzel (congratulations!) and she asked for a game about bees.

Initially my plan was to spend two hours making the game, but by then the game was only half done so I spent two more getting it more or less to a complete state. No harm done.

two hours in


Anyway the result is a bit weird I think, but quite playable. :) A fun exercise before next weekend's Ludum Dare.

Let's make honey!

Please enjoy the life of a bee swarm now!

My best result is 873. Can you beat that? ;)



Pixelizer 0.4.2

I just pushed the latest version of Pixelizer live on github! No game changing things, rather a few tweaks and useful additions and a slew of fixes mostly related to nested entities. Full changelog below.

Next version of Pixelizer (0.5) will focus on letting developers add their own systems that operate on entities, similar to how entities are rendered - but up to the developer to decide what will happen. Should be good stuff!

2012-03-31, 0.4.2, "the fixer"
  • fixed so that scaling propagates to nested entities
  • fixed so that scaling affects render position
  • renamed all global transform properies to xyzOnScene
  • fixed global position propagation through nested entites
  • fixed grid to box collision to take grid position into account
  • fixed bug which caused local position to be scaled
  • added function for easier modification of collision layers
  • added a grid collider to the collider example
  • fixed bug which caused box colliders to collide with other box colliders by default
  • fixed bug which caused entity local position to be scaled by entity local scale
  • fixed bug which caused box collider to get wrong offset when resizing
  • added PxBoxColliderRenderer for easier collision debugging
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GitHub GET!

After quite some frustration and several mishaps I finally managed to get my computer talking with github. Celebrate! :) Not very exciting, but it means that Pixelizer is now on GitHub.  Yay!

I will work in the dev branch and update the master branch when a new version is release. Easy as pie.

On my many googlings to get this right I found this article, which has some nice details on git branching that I hope to follow.

That is all.

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Pixelizer 0.2 released

Hello there! I'm happy to bring you Pixelizer 0.2! This is the latest version of my AS3 component based game developing frame work.

0.2 is a huge improvement over 0.1 and not at all backwards compatible. While all the changes can be found here, the main ones are:

  • tree hierarchy for entities
  • new flexible collision system
  • object pools
  • less code needed to init classes

A little more info, demo, and download can be found here:

If you try it out, please let me know what you think! I'm happily taking requests and suggestions.


Isometric tileset progress

Here's a quick update on the Robin Hood game. I've implemented a much more generic and simpler graphics engine using my bitmap renderer Pixelizer. It's working really nice and I get a really high fps with a lot of objects on screen. Anyway, I've also played around with a more cartoony and flat tileset, hoping to make the look a little more fresh than the old version. Still far from happy with the result but here's a shot of my progress:

More as it happens!